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Your romance horoscope reveals your compatible signs and Sensual is the best way to describe Libra. Related Articles. Are Aries and Libra Compatible?.

She loves cotton, cashmere, velvet and more, and favors neutral colors.

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She wants quality and the ability to mix and match anything with her lucky color pink — between seasons and years to come. She will love anything that gets her stylishly through a TSA pre-check. Cancer has a strong creative side and loves fashion — especially looks she can wear throughout the year. Leo loves luxury and would rather have a handful of beautifully cut pieces than a closetful of lesser threads. She loves precious stones and gems, and her fascination with gold harks back to the link between Leo and royalty.

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Intelligent, discerning and practical, Virgo has an eye for detail, fit, quality and comfort. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and grace, and seeks harmony and balance in all things. She is the arbiter of taste — from the newest restaurant to the right mix of jewelry. Speaking of jewelry, Libra loves sparkles — especially on her shoes. The Scorpio woman is sophisticated, confident and poised, not to mention a tad mysterious.

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For the Sagittarius woman, international travel is a lifestyle choice. To celebrate, she might head to the Swiss Alps, where her natural strength, agility and speed are perfect for skiing.

Sagittarius will appreciate anything with a beautiful cut and an element of utilitarian. She loves elegant separates and neutral colors in natural fabrics. The Capricorn woman does not want fussy pieces that distract from her busy professional life, so gold embellished shoes would fit the bill. The Aquarius woman is one of a kind and focused on the future — what she does or wears is ahead of the curve.

Circle July 27 when seductive Venus and erotic Pluto get physical.

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Nov 24 Neptune in your partnership zone goes direct opening the doors for true love. The end of August and September are glorious. Your guardian planet Mercury goes direct August The sun enters your sign August September 9 is the annual Virgo new moon; it only happens once a year and initiates a bold new beginning.

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September 11 the sun teams up with influential Pluto and lucky Jupiter. September 15 your ruler, Mercury in Virgo collaborates with Pluto. These are epic days; you could debut your work, make progress on a dream project or meet a powerful mentor. November 8 Jupiter leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius and your domestic zone for a year just in time for the holidays!

The sun and Jupiter align on November 25 one of the best days of the year; gather the clan and have and grand party!

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Unexpected guests may arrive during the holidays but it will only increase the fun and festivities. Virgos are especially sensitive to Mercury retrograde periods as Mercury is your ruling planet. Restless Mars spends five months in your zone of day-to-day work and you may feel like bolting, especially May 16 and August 1. Listen to your inner wise self and not your inner critic. Keep a suitcase packed and your passport up-to-date. Impulsive Uranus enters your zone of long distant travel and education on May Get ready for sudden trips and new experiences; an apartment swap in New Zealand, an assignment in Los Angeles, a chance to lecture in Mumbai.

Anything is possible!

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Uranus goes retrograde August 7 so leave before; July is outstanding. The February 15 new moon eclipse falls in your wellness zone and could jump start a whole new health trend. You may want to explore treatments such as homeopathy, acupuncture or Reiki.

Dear Virgo, You were born to teach, educate and inspire. With Jupiter in your communication zone , Uranus in your higher learning zone , and Saturn and Pluto in your creative sector you have the perfect team to help you get your message out. This is your time to speak your mind, tell your story, and live your truth!

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